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International Women’s Day at Solidaridad India | MIRR offers insights on financial well-being

Namrata B Durgan, founder of MIRR Investments at a financial well-being session for Solidaridad team

MIRR recently had the opportunity to be a part of an event organised by Solidaridad India to mark International Women’s Day. Solidaridad is a global civil society organisation with over 50 years of experience in developing efficient, scalable and economically effective sustainable solutions for supply chains.

The event held on March 6, 2023 addressed the challenges faced by women farmers across the supply chain and their crucial role in sustainable agriculture. The event saw the release of a collection of stories celebrating women change agents from the field, across Asia.

The platform offered an opportunity to address the gender gap scenario in financial literacy. Namrata B Durgan, founder of MIRR, along with Sanjay Durgan were invited by Shatadru Chattopadhayay, Managing Director, Solidaridad Asia and Monika Khanna, Country Manager, India to lead a financial planning session for their team members. The talk focused on the importance of achieving financial well-being by better management of personal finances, especially for women.

MIRR Investments | Financial well-being session for Solidaridad team

“When an organisation works towards making communities around the world resilient, they also ensure that their teams are resilient to withstand life events that impact their income and future. It was a privilege to conduct a session on money management for the team members of Solidaridad Asia.”

Namrata B Durgan

Founder, MIRR


MIRR takes pride in spreading awareness about financial well-being, especially among women, and aspires to create a financial inclusive community. If you are interested to partner with us on this journey, please write to us at


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