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Ready to talk?

Let's connect to discuss the best suitable investment options for you.


Our comprehensive approach allows us to build a financial path that is tailored exclusively for you based on your needs and priorities.


Learn who you are on a deeper level. We will work together on understanding your personality and ability to take risks.


Identify your purpose

We will understand your current financial situation, your goals, and future needs.


Kick-start your journey

With your guidance and our expertise, we will help you select the right investment offering that meets your needs.


Mind your money

We will help you monitor and modify your investment portfolio based on your changing needs.

Why MIRR | Abstract Cover | MIRR Investments


Empowering you to reach your goals


Imagine if investing in yourself and in your family’s future was seen as an indulgence.

Our indulgences - be it a family vacation, buying our dream car or pursuing a hobby - give us a sense of contentment. To be able to invest freely in our indulgences is the true measure of our financial independence.

Our philosophy 'Indulgence is freedom' drives us to cultivate the culture of investing in oneself and our loved ones, enabling you to reach your full potential.

Trust & Transparency | Modern Architecture | MIRR Investments

We believe in building and sustaining long-term partnerships based on trust and transparency.

Customer Oriented

Working together, we create a financial pathway that is unique to you based on your needs and priorities.


We ensure you are proactively informed and understand all the rules and regulations involved.


As a registered distributor, we work under the purview of financial regulations, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy partnership.

Paperless Process

MIRR's exclusive app allows you to track and manage your investment portfolios effortlessly.

Indulgence is freedom | Surfing | MIRR Investments

Indulgence is freedom.

Take a leap and let us help you indulge in every moment of your life.


Dedicated to educate and empower all to meet their financial aspirations.

Investments do not understand gender.

While the need to bridge the gender investing gap has gained momentum, we are still a long way from achieving gender equality in the financial market.



of working women do not make their own financial decisions

of women, when given a chance, would prefer to make their own decisions

Tata AIA Life conducted a survey in 2022 to gauge the financial awareness amongst women in India and the freedom to make their own decisions. The study revealed that women still shy away from making independent financial decisions.

Financial well-being for women | Women inclusion | Female entrepreneur | MIRR Investments


Fidelity Investments’ 2021 Women and Investing Study revealed that while women may lack confidence in their ability to invest, their portfolios still outperformed their male counterparts by 40 basis points, or 0.4%.

Financial well-being for women | Women inclusion | Corporate woman | MIRR Investments
Financial well-being for women | Women empowerment | MIRR Investments

A woman's true empowerment lies in her financial independence. 

We understand that women have distinct financial needs and often need guidance based on their personal circumstances.

We strive to educate women from all strata of society and empower them to make informed investment decisions to ensure their financial futures and those of their families.

Diversity and inclusion | LGBTQ pride flag | MIRR Investments

We represent all.

We understand the ambiguity surrounding the financial laws and policies concerning the LGBTQ community. Driven by our strong belief in creating a culture of respect and inclusion, we are committed to supporting the community in navigating the financial world.


Connect with me

Namrata B Durgan | Founder | MIRR Investments

Namrata B Durgan


Namrata founded MIRR Investments with the aim of providing investment services to all and empowering them to attain their financial objectives.

A commerce graduate from the University of Delhi, Namrata is a registered Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD). She has extensive experience spanning over 15 years in financial services, IT, operations, retail, product development and CRM initiatives.

Namrata has been invited to share her experiences and provide investment awareness sessions for a wide range of enterprises, start-ups, multinational corporations, NGOs, and social organizations.

With her efforts, she strives to make a significant impact on the world of investing, particularly among women and other vulnerable groups.

Sanjay Durgan


Sanjay is a Certified Financial Planner with a specialization in mutual funds and personal finance management for High Networth Individuals (HNI), professionals, NRIs, and family business owners. An alumni of Sherwood College, Nainital, Sanjay is a graduate from the University of Delhi and an MBA from Philippine Christian University, Manila.

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Sanjay Durgan | Team | MIRR Investments
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