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Make better investment decisions by understanding yourself on a deeper level.

Your emotions, life priorities and several other factors shape your investment personality. Analysing your investment behaviour will help you make better investment choices that match your risk profile.

Investor Personality Types


You tend to take your time before taking any investment decision. Safety of capital is your top priority. You are comfortable with stable and low returns and are unwilling to take any risks. Tax-efficient investment options could be your cue. You may be willing to take minimum risk in the short term as long as the capital is preserved in the long run.


You are a risk avoider at heart, preferring to stay safe and grounded. Capital preservation is your priority, but you are willing to take that little risk in the short term to generate returns slightly higher than bank deposits. You are not comfortable with moderate to high fluctuations in the portfolio, but accept low volatility in the short-term, to get that extra return.


You seek a path neither of denial nor of affirmation, desiring both capital preservation & appreciation. As a calculated risk-taker you seek moderation by striking a fine balance between risk & return. You are inquisitive and willing to accept moderate level of risk. You are not comfortable with significant fluctuations in portfolio but accept some volatility in the short-term.


You are confident and quick at taking decisions. You try to discover new things, places, and investment options. As a moderately high-risk taker, you seek high capital growth and are comfortable with high fluctuations in the portfolio, over short to medium time horizon.


Thriving on spontaneity with a need for thrill, you create an exciting adventure not just for yourself but also your peers, family, and friends. You like to create your own path, reinterpreting the world as you wish to. As a bold risk-taker, and an aggressive investor, you seek to maximise portfolio returns and are comfortable with frequent and high range of volatility over short to medium time horizon.


Take the test to find your investor personality

This questionnaire assesses your risk tolerance and time horizon in investing.

Tolerance for risk is a key consideration in determining your probable level of comfort with varying investing choices.

There is no right or a wrong answer. Please follow your instincts and answer honestly to know your investor personality type.

Thanks for sharing your response! Your investor personality type will be shared with you over an email shortly.

How many months of expenses can your emergency funds cover?
How many years do you wish to invest for?
If market corrects by 20% but there is no change in the fundamental strength of your investment, what would you do?
ls your family sufficiently secured to face any unforeseen eventualities?
Corrections into the markets are normal. I would start to worry about my investment if my portfolio value falls.
What is your expectation for this investment or your current investments?
Which of the following portfolio will you prefer? (The band is the probable range of return into next one year.)
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Delve deeper into your investing behaviour

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