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Exploring the connection between health and wealth with Tarini Nirula | Lockdown Diaries

Exploring the connection between health and wealth | Conversation with Namrata B Durgan and Tarini Narula | MIRR Investments

The current pandemic no doubt has been an eye opener for the collective consciousness. It has forced us to re- prioritize our lives, our health, our money and our emotions. We have had to deal with uncertainties of life, one of the primary ones being matters related to money.

Our pay-check - Will it stop? Will it be reduced? If I don’t have a job, how will I manage my finances?

We have been pushed to change our perspective of money. To wonder if there is any way to make money work for us.

Hosted on Instagram Live on May 02, 2020, MIRR had the opportunity to chat with Tarini Nirula, an Accessory Designer, a Yoga Teacher and a Wellness Advocate on the deep connection between health and wealth.

The session was held in two parts wherein the first part focused on how health and wealth hold a similar priority in our lives and how their interdependence is a critical factor to be understood.

The second part of the session focused on steps to manage your money like you manage your health. Namrata B Durgan, founder of MIRR shared her views on savings and investments. The conversation that followed included strategies on how to keep a check on your financial priorities and maintain a balance between health and wealth so that one can truly enjoy life in the long-run.

The key takeaway of the session was to invest in yourself the smart way so that one day your money works for you and not the other way round. As highlighted by Namrata,

“Health and wealth are two sides of the same coin so it’s best to strategise keeping them both in mind.”


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