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MIRR shares quick tips on how to be kind with your money | Simply Be Kind Podcast

MIRR Investments | Episode: Be kind with your money | Podcast: Simply Be Kind

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to financial growth isn't lack of money - it is a poor money mindset. We often experience a tinge of guilt when it comes to spending money, more so if we spend on ourselves. To have a good relationship with money, we must be kind to ourselves.

Namrata B Durgan, along with Nirali Desai joined Tenaz Shanice Cardoz’s podcast, Simply Be Kind to talk about the importance of practicing financial kindness. Featured in The Week (India) and on the Hubhopper Podcast Award2022 list, Simply Be Kind is an initiative of Kind Hearts Brigade, a venture devoted to making the world a kinder place.

The episode, ‘Be Kind With Your Money’ hosted on Apr 14, 2023 shed light on how important it is to have a good relationship with money and the art of self-acceptance with kindness that could alleviate the guilt that comes with spending money.

Namrata shared her insights on the importance of being kind to oneself, thinking carefully about what matters the most and finding a balance between savings and investing in ourselves.

Remember, it's important to take care of ourselves and to invest in our own well-being – Indulgence is freedom!

Listen to the podcast

To hear the full episode 'Be Kind With Your Money', please follow the links to Spotify or YouTube.


MIRR takes pride in spreading awareness about financial well-being, especially among women, and aspires to create a financial inclusive community. If you are interested to partner with us on this journey, please write to us at


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