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MIRR talks about investment awareness at Neemrana Group, Delhi

MIRR Investments | Investment awareness session at Neemrana Group

From restoring splendid ruins of cultural and historical significance to their former glory, Neemrana Hotels truly understand how discovery can lead to a beautiful transformation.

MIRR had the pleasure to be invited by Neemrana Hotels on February 14, 2023 to host a financial awareness session for their team that allowed them to discover their individual investment patterns.

Through a ‘Discover Yourself’ activity, the core team of Neemrana ‘non-hotel’ Hotels were able to identify their investment behaviour, and then realign their investment decisions.

The participants were receptive towards the session, their general feedback being how they felt empowered to make better informed financial decisions.

MIRR Investments | Investment awareness session at Neemrana Group

“We believe that it's important to create awareness about the power of making the right investments. MIRR takes pride in helping organisations with a purpose to empower their teams, and we are glad that they chose to spend the day of love (Feb 14th) with us!”

Namrata B Durgan

Founder, MIRR


MIRR takes pride in spreading awareness about financial well-being, especially among women, and aspires to create a financial inclusive community. If you are interested to partner with us on this journey, please write to us at


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