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Introducing the basics of money management | An employee engagement initiative at DI PR

Introducing the basics of money management | Employee engagement at DI PR | MIRR Investments

Namrata B Durgan, founder of MIRR was invited by DI PR, Mumbai based premier boutique public relations agency for conducting a financial awareness session. DI Public Relations has a young team of women who were eager to learn about how they could make their money work for them through various investment options.

Held in their Mumbai head office on Nov 10, 2022, the session was organised for their female employees as an employee engagement initiative. The objective was to spread awareness about financial well-being and the importance of building an investing habit from an early age.

As many of the women were below the age of 30, it was essential to highlight how they had the advantage of time in achieving their financial goals better.

It was an interactive session that emphasised the benefits of investing and helped the audience understand different ways to initiate the process of investing.

It was an eye opening engaging session where the women left the room feeling more empowered.

MIRR takes pride in spreading awareness about financial well-being, especially among women, and aspires to create a financial inclusive community. If you are interested to partner with us on this journey, please write to us at


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