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Series of financial awareness talks at IBM

Financial awareness talks at IBM | MIRR Investments

At MIRR, our core philosophy 'Indulgence is freedom' drives us to create awareness among individuals, especially women, on achieving financial well-being. We aim to help you get started with the basics of investments and managing your personal finances better.

By guiding you through the nuances of wealth creation, initiating a Savings Plan via mutual funds, and how to start a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), our aim is to bring forth the virtues of time, patience & discipline.

Hence opening new horizons towards wealth creation and fulfilment of their life’s financial goals and dreams. A path that not only encourages but empowers you to take full ownership of your hard earned money. A step further from Financial Independence to Financial Freedom.

MIRR had the opportunity to deliver several sessions – both in-house and virtual – at IBM offices across India which were aimed to help employees make informed decisions while investing their hard-earned money. These sessions were conducted across a period of several months through 2018 and 2019 as a part of IBM’s employee engagement initiative.

Namrata B Durgan, founder of MIRR Investments was joined by Sanjay Durgan, a Certified Financial Planner and Strategic Consultant to MIRR to conduct these sessions for various management levels across the organization.

Financial awareness talk at IBM | MIRR Investments

The participants were introduced to the basics of investing, different investment avenues, along with harnessing mutual funds for growth. Participants were encouraged to share their journey and clear their doubts around the field of investing.

The sessions opened doors of conversation around financial well-being and helped us in building a long-term partnership with the IBM team. This collaboration led to an impactful series of sessions that empowered the audience to be more secure financially and take better decisions going forward.


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